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Free Emotion Code Introductory Session

This is a low risk way to find out if the Emotion Code is for you!  In this introductory session, we will work on an emotional or health issue of your choice.  Phone or Zoom appointments only. Offer for first time clients only.

20 minutes 

Single Emotion Code Session - Phone, In-person or Zoom 

30 minutes - $55

3 Emotion Code Sessions Discount Package - Phone, In person or Zoom 

This is a discount package to encourage on-going progress toward healing. 

Three 30 minute sessions - $160



AO Scanner

- AO Scan Experience-Complementary (1 per family) Inner-voice, Vitals and Comprehensive                      with emailed reports and tones 

Inner-Voice, Vitals, Comprehensive with emailed reports and tones - $50

Inner-Voice with emailed reports and tones - $25

Single SEFI (Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter) includes up to 3 frequencies) - 15 minutes -  $25 

- Set of SEFI Frequencies (Customized playlist with 5 different frequencies based on your emotional             and/or physical needs) - 5 Days in a row, 15 minutes a day ( $95)- 




dog aura.PNG

Animals have emotions too!   Call Frizell (323-404-8192) to schedule an Emotion Code session for your favorite animal 

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